Herbal Remedies For Premature Ejaculation With Enlarged Prostate

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Most men have heard of the prostate, the small, sack-like organ that sits below the bladder. Most are also aware that the prostate, when inflamed or enlarged, can make going to bathroom painful and have hard time maintaing firm erection. But few men understand the influence of the prostate affecting ejaculation control, thus didn't seek the right product for recovery.

This Solution Can Help:
  • Men over 25 years that can't hold ejaculation over 20 minutes.
  • Stop & recover from premature ejaculation caused by enlarged prostate or prostatitis
  • Restore back the proper production of Acid phosphatase and Alpha-glucosidase in prostate gland
  • Premature ejaculation caused high stress hormones and DHT from addiction or excessive masturbation
  • Reduce toxins buildup affecting prostate glands, P.C. muscle and ejaculaton control
  • Recover from PE and Prostate related problems: Difficulty in initiating urination, dribbling, weak urine stream, straining while urinating, and incomplete evacuation during urination.
Most men attribute the testicles as the main reproductive organ responsible for producing, maintaining, and transporting semen. But few men know that the prostate is also responsible for producing semen and helping form the white, alkaline liquid semen use to swim in once inside the vagina. Even few people understand enlarged prostate is the cause behind their premature ejaculation, which can be recovered naturally through healing herbs.

Supplement Formulated Based On These Healing Herbs:
So Why Does the Enlarged Prostate Cause Problems?
Think of the prostate as a filled water balloon. Each time you produce semen the prostate expands. Now imagine your filled water balloon has a small hole in it. The small hole will start to drip water. While prostate itself doesn’t drip, an enlarged, exhausted one will cause the penis to drip semen faster than usual. Because of a prostate’s ballooned size, the organ will become easily rubbed during sex creating friction that serves as a strong stimulus for an orgasm. Most men assume that only men over 50 tend to suffer from an enlarged prostate; however, men as young as 30 can suffer from the condition.
How Herbal Prostate & Premature Ejaculation Remedy Can Help
If endurance is meant to be improved, then certain aspects of the body must be fixed. The nerves that control an ejaculation must be strengthened. The liver must dispel toxic residue caused by stress hormones. Hormone levels must be normal, and the ejaculation valve must be repaired. The formula manages to do the following:
  • Strengthen the parasympathetic nerves for better ejaculation control
  • Enhance the liver cells for better detoxification
  • Remove to help with metabolism
  • Replenish essential hormones
  • Nourish the nerve endings
The Science Behind an Enlarged Prostate
An enlarged prostate in young males is caused by an overproduction of DHT, a stress hormone caused by heavy masturbation and sexual activity. Because DHT is converted from testosterone, too much testosterone can cause excessive stimulation of the genitals. Add in a weak liver or is physiologically exhausted mind, the body will produce a lower level of cytochrome P450 and result in higher levels of DHT derived from testosterone. As a result, young men will often experience thinning hair because the DHT will bind to the hair follicles. [1]


Science & Insight Behind Herbal Remedy
Ophiopogon, Rehmannia, Schisandra Chinensis, Gardenia, and Atractlodes Macrocephala all increase cytochrome P450 in the liver through PXR signaling. The increased cytochrome P450 can lead to a reduction of DHT accumulation in the body. Lowered DHT can help restore hair follicles and reduce premature ejaculation caused by an enlarged prostaste. [2]

Ophopogonin D and Ruscogenin, active components in the herb Ophiopogon, have demonstrated remarkable anti-inflammatory properties. Saw Palmetto contains high beta-sitosterol and carotenoids, molecules that inhibit rapid and uncontrollable prostate cell proliferation. The high beta-sitosterol and carotenoids also bind to DHT receptors in prostate cells to inhibit the negative impacts of DHT. [3][4][5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11]

Eugenol and Dianthus saponin are active ingredients in these healing herbs that provided anti-bacterial and antipyretic properties. The formula has been used in both experimental and clinical trials for the treatment of urinary tract infections and strangury, a urinary infliction that causes incomplete emptying, painful urination, and small amounts or urine to expel slowly. [12]

Your Turn
Now you know the cause, the science, and the solution for your premature ejaculation caused by enlarged prostate. It is time for you to apply what you know to choose the right herbal remedy to recover from premature ejaculation & enlarged prostate problem. Choosing the right herbal remedy is a short cut to win back your health and sex life.

What to get

Prosta Rejuvenation - Overcome Premature Ejaculation With Strong Prostate, 2x60 ct, (New Trend)
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Pills Atractylodes Macrocephala, Cimicifuga, Dianthus, Gardenia, Jujube, Ophiopogon, Os Draconis, Pyrrosia, Quercetin, Rehmannia, Saw Palmetto, Schisandra

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zoey ops posted on Sat, 10/13/2012 - 15:42
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My doc told me that enlarged prostate can cause problem with urination and might turned to prostate cancer, it shouldn’t affect ejaculation or premature ejaculation (PE). Since it's very extremely common for men to have premature ejaculation so people linked those problems together. He just wanted me to see a specialist to perform prostatectomy.... I think he perceived me as an idiot or fool...
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Before I found out about herballove, I followed my urologist's recommendation: take prozac. I don't have depression problem at the time. But after taking it, my sex drive is gone. I tried even harder to stimulate myself through heavy masturbation and prostate became even bigger which really depressed me. It's a sinister cycles of traps. Medicine prescribed lead to a new problem and then you need new medicine for it which then becomes the next problem. I am so glad I got out of it with Prosta rejuvenation herbal remedy for my enlarged prostate and pe problems. I don't relie on any antidepressants anymore.
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