Harmony Qi Gong For Women

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Harmony Qi Gong, a specialized medical form of Qi Gong, focuses on the bio-energy cultivation for women. Originally developed by a Zen Buddhist master to purify and realign the body, Harmony Qi Gong has been simplified and customized in a special method suitable for women of any age.
Harmony Qi Gong begins with a breathing technique, integrated with meditative efforts. It rejuvenates your endocrine system and improves your immune system. You will be able to accelerate sexual responses inside the vagina, and upon perfection of Harmony Qi Gong, you will be able to contract vaginal and uterine muscles to maximize pleasure. 

How To Do It:
  1. Calm the mind by breathing. Partially close your eyes, place your tongue against the palate, and focus the mind on the navel area.

  2. Exhale slowly through your mouth while expanding the abdomen. Concentrate your attention onto your forehead.

  3. Inhale through the nose with two to five second intervals in between. Ensure to pump and contract the upper abdomen and anus 5 to 15 times. Focus your concentration from the forehead toward the vaginal area.

  4. Hold the maximum contraction of the vagina/anus for a minimum of ten seconds and a maximum of a hundred seconds.

  5. Repeat Step 2-4 several times.
After you’ve practiced long enough, you will feel energy flow downward along the spinal cord and to the vagina. Step 4 is the most important for maximizing vaginal sensitivity. You will experience a hot energy flow moving upward through the chest to the forehead. It may require two to ten weeks of practice before you notice its effects on the sexual orgasm. You can enhance the results even more by taking nourishing energy herbs such as Curculigo, Ren Shen, Glycyrrhizae Radix, Pyrola Calliantha, Lycium Fruit,and Morinda Officinalis from the herbal formula.


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