Happier Mood and Harder Erection with Fresh Catch Fish Oils

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People who live in high-stress, demanding environments and who suffer from Omega-3 deficiencies experience a reduced level of vital transporter complexes responsible for moving serotonin to nerve cell junctions. When serotonin levels see a reduction, nerve and hormonal interactions alternate, resulting in various degrees of erectile dysfunctions.

What It Is Formulated To Do:
Formulated To Fix Erection Problems & Mood Disorders Based On These Healing Herbs: 
Our Brain is Made up of…
Most people remain unaware that over 8 percent of their brains' weight is comprised of omega-3 fatty acids, which serve as building blocks for over 100 billion neurons in the body. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), the two most important and well-known omega-3 fatty acids, help with neuronal structure, electrochemical transmission and signal reception. [1] [2]

Herbal Formula OverviewCindium increases sex drive

Epimedium contains icariin, a cGMP-specific PDE-5 inhibitor that helps maintain an erection.
Griffonia contains 5-HTP, a neurotransmitter that balances mood and helps with depression.
Omega 3 affects the molecular mechanism of serotonin at the nerve cell junctions. Improved serotonin levels too help elevate mood and control ejaculations.
Schisandra is considered a restorative tonic for young adult suffering from sexual exhaustion, which can damage erectile capacity.
Tongkat Ali improves sex drive for men with low libidos.   

Antidepressants and E.D.
Antidepressant drugs help provide serotonin to the body, elevating an individual’s mood and altering a man’s thinking process. Sure, the drugs are helpful in severe cases of depression, but antidepressants come with an ineffectual side effect: erectile dysfunction. These drugs elevate prolactin production, leading to a pituitary functional disorder called HyperProlactimia. High levels of prolactin in your bloodstream, along with reduce levels of nitric oxide, can prevent an erection. 

In severe cases, men experience both weak erections and early ejaculation problems. Doctors often recommend Omega-3 from fish oil to serve as a supplement for people taking Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) drugs, i.e., antidepressants.[3]

What to get

Overcome Erectile Dysfunction with DHA & EPA Nutrition - (Rejuven Natural)
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Pills Cistanche, Cnidium, Epimedium, Griffonia, Omega 3, Rehmannia, Schisandra, Tongkat Ali

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OliverRock posted on Thu, 05/09/2013 - 15:26
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I have a high stress job and that causes many problems with me. I used to take fish oil when I was younger and stopped taking it just because. I never knew that fish oils were good for erections and after reading this I immediately went to go buy some for me. Just to make sure I was doing everything right I bought the combo of fish oils and Rejuven just to make sure it worked.

Now these two have worked great for me because they have stopped my stress and now I am able to have sex without the problems of getting soft halfway through. Take your omega-3 and fish oil everyone. Helps out in more ways than you may know.

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MIkeH posted on Thu, 07/02/2015 - 09:34
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Erections are useless if you are plaged by dry, itchy, flaky penis skin.  Nobody wants to see skin like this. Thankfully, there are penis health cremes available that treat all sorts of minor penis skin irritations.  These cremes are easy to use, safe and highly effective.  Hope this info helps.  
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