Fenugreek and Tribulus Essential for Arousal

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Herbs In This Solution

According to reports, 30 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction. That’s 30 million men who experience erectile dysfunction and low sexual desire & arousal because of physical or psychological causes, including diabetes, heart problems, neurological disorders and sex hormone imbalance.

And while it’s a common misconception for people to assume a man with erectile dysfunction no longer finds his partner attractive, the truth is some men suffer from E.D. because of a number of physical or psychological problems associated with the condition.

Despite the lack of arousal, men can find help in the form of a spice better suited inside of curry dishes rather than in the bedroom.

The spice is known as Fenugreek, an herb that according to Australian research helps men achieve a higher arousal level. While Tribulus, a plant covered in spines, too improves signs of erectile dysfunction, it functions better when combined with other supplements.
Fenugreek and Tribulus Overview
As part of Fabaceae family, Fenugreek serves as a common ingredient inside of Indian cuisine, and while its seeds provide the necessary spice for dishes, its leaves too grant an edible veggie alongside of meals. Aside from serving as a spice and a veggie, Fenugreek aids lactating mothers by increasing their milk supply while increasing the libido in males.
Meanwhile, Tribulus, a fruit-bearing plant, functions as a medicine that treats an array of issues, from kidney stones to painful urination. Tribulus too treats spermatorrhea (the release of semen without an orgasm).
Fenugreek at a Glance
  • Improves arousal level.
  • Contains saponin, a metabolite precursor of sex hormones.
Tribulus at a Glance
  • Treats various sexual dysfunctions.
  • Increases arousal level.
How They Work
Fenugreek contains saponin, a necessary metabolite that serves as a synthesis for a number of sex hormones. Most men who suffer from erectile dysfunction and who lack arousal experience a decline in hormonal levels. However, by taking Fenugreek, the body can start to produce the necessary sex hormones for an improved libido. Tribulus, meanwhile, increases DHEA, testosterone and estrogen, hormones necessary for the improvement of libido and arousal.

Product Comparison: Finding What’s Right for Me
From natural supplements to medications to arousal devices, men can find varying types of products and treatment options. Some men can find certain products more effective than others; however, none of the treatment options are without their disadvantages.
Arousal Devices
Natural arousal devices continue to make their way onto the market. From penile pumps to male masturbators to cock rings, these devices increase a man’s arousal, and while effective, these products may not offer a permanent solution to decreased sexual urges.
  • Fast-acting
  • Effective
  • May cause injury
  • Do not provide a permanent solution
Erectile dysfunction drugs continue to garner the respect and attention from customers. However, these products may contribute to long-term side effects that make them an insidious ally for erectile dysfunction.
  • An effective treatment option with a history of treating arousal issues
  • Fast acting
  • Costly
  • Long-term side effects, including increased risk for heart attack and stroke
Supplements, unlike the other two treatment options, do not contain the fast-acting, effective means for treating arousal issues. However, some men find these options helpful and safer than other treatment options.
  • All-natural products that contain no known side effects
  • Work with the body’s chemistry and mechanisms to improve arousal
  • May not be effective for every man
  • May take weeks to notice improvements
Q: If I Have a Heart Condition, Should I Take These Supplements?
A: Men with pre-existing conditions should consult their medical practitioners prior to starting a supplement routine.  

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