Eye Masks: A Product for Improved Sexual Experiences

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Sex is better in the dark. I know your rebuttal—“lights make sex more appealing.” Sure, they do. But most couples prefer to keep the lights off during sex because of embarrassment or because sex feels more natural. Well if you keep the lights off, great! Sex in the dark provides a number of benefits that the lights detract from.
Darkness and the inability to see can enhance your sexual experience. Being blinded, from the lack of light or from masks, men and women can notice an enhanced sense of touch. Feeling the smack of skin against the body can improve sexual stimulation. While hearing the sound of your partner screaming with pleasure can enhance your experience too. Men and women interested in an improved sexual encounter should see the benefits and improvements from something as simple as a mask.
Benefits of Being in the Dark
Ask anyone who suffers from a vision impairment how his other senses improve. He’ll tell you that other senses, like taste and touch, are enhanced. Placing a blindfold on during sex enhances your sense of touch. Penetration feels more memorable. Sounds feel livelier. Smells seem more pleasurable. Why? Without your vision, you need to rely on your imagination. You need to build the world around you, and you need to imagine your partner more than a person without a vision impairment. The added benefits of a mask include
  • Improved smell
  • Elevated stimulation
  • Enhanced sound
  • Increased sense of touch
Without your sight, you’d be surprised to how memorable sex can feel. More importantly, you’ll discover how something as cheap as a mask can make sex feel. If you need a change from your traditional sex routine, if you want better, more satisfying sex, you’ll want to pick up one of these sex masks. 



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