Eliminate Nixes and Cuts on Your Most Intimate Areas: A Female Solution

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Razor nixes and cuts sting. Your legs can itch with razor burn, while your armpits can bleed from the ruptured skin. For all the burning, itching and bleeding, some ladies elect to skip trimming their bush gardens and instead go the all-natural route. Nothing is wrong with natural beauty. Some guys like the rugged look and feel, while other men refuse to traverse jungles of hair.
For females worried about the rough patches of hair stuck between their thighs, shaving can present a painful obstacle. The sensitivity of the skin near the labia can further the chances of nixes and cuts, and even the slightest cut, can make sex painful and unwelcoming.
First, a Word From Your Razor
Prior to trimming and shaving, you’ll need a quality razor. The 100-razor pack will save you a bundle of money, but it won’t spare you from nixes and cuts. Invest in a quality razor. The sharper blade, adjusted handle and even the altered design will save you from damaging your labia. Most quality, disposable razors will cost $5 to $8 and typically include two or three replaceable razor heads. The investment goes a long way toward a pain-free experience.
Adding Shaving Cream
You could shave with soap, water and a razor. You could just as easily open yourself up to nixes, brushes and gashes. Specialized shaving creams soften the hair, add moisture and allow for smooth, nix-free passes of your razor. No burns, no itchiness, no cuts are the promises these creams offer. Sure, cuts can occur, especially to the labia, but the creams can significantly reduce the chances. Why not try your everyday shaving creams you say? Well, most of these creams use a thinner consistency. Specialized genital creams include thicker consistencies, designed for softer skin.
Piror to slapping on the cream and trimming the hair, you’ll want to prepare your body. These steps lower the chances of cutting and nixing your delicate skin.
  1. Trim the hair first with scissors. Longer hairs get caught in a razor.
  2. Avoid an electric trimmer. You might think an electric trimmer as a faster way to cut hairs, but the power of these devices only leads to a quicker route toward pain.
  3. Soak the hair in warm water. The warmth of the water open the hair follicles to prevent cuts. If you shower while shaving, even better. The added moisture reduces the chances of cuts.
  4. Apply cream and shave in the same direction—down to up.
  5. Rub Aloe Vera or apply moisturizer afterwards. Shaving can irritate the skin, moisturizes and Aloe Vera lower the chances of pain and discomfort.


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