Bachelorette Party Games for Fun and Excitement

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Being anointed the maid of honor comes as a blessing and as a curse. You walk down the aisle proud while remaining radiant next to the bride during the ceremony. But before you walk down the aisle and stand beside your best friend, you need to attend rehearsal dinners, assist with the selection of bridesmaid’s colors, aid in the planning of a dinner menu and even prepare for the bachelorette party. For most maids of honor, the responsibilities, planning and energy that goes into the role can seem like a curse—especially your preparing of the bachelorette party. For ladies looking to bid their friends a happy, fun-filled farewell, a few games can help fill in long hours of boredom between activities.
The Planning Stage: The Fun, The Boring, The Just Plain Stupid
The party you plan will be remembered one of three ways: fun, boring or stupid. You never want your party-planning skills remembered as the last two. You hope and plan that the other ladies remember, replicate and adore your ideas. For ladies looking to plan a memorable experience, here’s what to pay attention to.
Drinking Games
A bachelorette party without drinking is like a church without hymns. Drinking makes the day livelier, adds to the excitement and keeps ladies entertained. Bride to Be Pass The Bucks takes two simple ideas—drinking and truth-or-dare—and combines them to make a game filled with excitement, boozing and fun for ladies. Other games take traditional party games and add a drinking activity into the fray, such Drink and Dare Bride Bingo. Whether it’s bingo or truth-or-dare, ladies can find something to drink, play and laugh at during activities.
Action Games
So drinking is not your thing—or anyone else in the bride’s party. We have you covered. With these action games, you’ll go from holding penis shaped cards in Willy Says, a variant of the popular Simon Says games, to spinning the wheel in Bride-to-Be Spinner, a spin-the-bottle-like game without the kissing or sex. These games encourage ladies to perform actions or to respond to questions. One minute you can be admitting your deepest fetishes, the next, you can be dared into asking a guy to show you his intimate tattoos while out at a bar later that evening.
Giveaway Games
A bachelorette party isn’t complete until you host a giveaway. From gag gifts to usable items, ladies can build giveaways centered on adult-themed games. Winners can earn a number of items, from sex games to foreplay-educational books. Whether it’s a book or a sex game, ladies can leave with a lasting memory.
So while you’re preparing the main activities, add a few games into the fray. As maid of honor, your activities don’t need to be expensive to make the weekend or day memorable. Your activities need to be fun, exciting and filled with things you and the bridesmaids will enjoy.


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