Advanced Corporal Screwing Technique

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The Advanced Corporal Screwing Technique is more powerful than the Sensual Screwing Local Motion Technique. Therefore, it is recommended that you master the “Sensual” technique first. This technique is not recommended for men with soft erections, seminal leakage, penis curvature, injured penis, and excessive precum secretions until their penile tissues are in optimal condition.

An injury could occur if they are not. Done properly, this technique will quickly stimulate a woman’s Epicenter (Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone) for intense multiple orgasms, bestowing immense amounts of pleasure for both parties of the couple.

It is important that the male counterpart maintains a firm erection lasting at least 20 minutes. The solid erect penis acts as a hard rock stick that allows women to perform the screwing locomotion, gently massaging her several vaginal zones to rejuvenate vaginal abrasion or damage caused by a vibrator, tipped uterus, tubal ligation, or aged vaginal tissues.

Steps For Her To Perform:
  1. Sit on his legs without any constraint
  2. Use the forehead of the penis (glans) to gently massage the clitoris, until vaginal lubrication started
  3. Slowly insert firm half of the penis into vagina
  4. Inhale deeply and imagine a sunny hot energy flow between your eyebrows, directing the flow down to your abdomen and exhale when it reaches inside the vagina
  5. ‘French’ kiss each other erotically (using lips and tongue)
  6. Rotate her upper body right in circular clockwise direction while pulling her body up
  7. Rotate her upper body to the left circular counter-clockwise direction by pushing her body down
  8. Penetrate deeper and repeat Step 6 & 7, until orgasm

If you are enjoying this couple’s activity frequently, treat it as an exercise for her - without him ejaculating. Screwing is a strenuous exercise for the lower back section of the body and you might lose few pounds by doing it often.

It is also a mutual massage of the external sexual zone around the couple's respective pubic bones. If a couple screws each other for 10 to 20 or 30 minutes every morning, they will feel that everyday is a honeymoon (or hornymode), regardless of how long they have been married. It will also provide a great morning exercise for the loving couple as well.

Of course, it is important for the man to have enough testosterone, cGMP, and nitric oxide to power and sustain a firm erection during the entire session. It is essential to take herbs such as Cnidium monnieri, Curcukigo ochioides, Tribulus terrestris, Cuscuta chinensis, Catuaba, Lepidium meyenii, Morinda officinalis, and Yohimbe to replenish erection energy, increase blood flow, and enhance penile tissue tenacity. These herbs also help to strengthen the parasympathetic nerves to prevent early ejaculation.



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Wow! This is a must for positions! It has me orgasming ever single time I try it. I definitely have to advice it to anyone who is having trouble reaching an orgasm. You will feel so much better after this and will be able to enjoy sex. It's a great position to end with because for me, it's a guaranteed orgasm.'s picture
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