Jen Shen Lu Yung Wan - Panax Ginseng & Sika Deer Antler Extract, 120 pills, (Solstice)

Maybe Helpful For: Men's Low Sex Drive Herbs & Minerals: Deer Antler Panax Ginseng
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Brand: Solstice
Form: Pills
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What it is:
Jen Shen Lu Yung Wan is known for it's specialty of strengthening the physicque. It includes a helpful solution to improve the health of kidneys. It contains a powerful ingredient, Deer Antler which has been known to increase sex drive and improve blood flow to the penis.
What it does:
  • Improved testosterone levels
  • Increased sex drive
  • Elevates blood flow for a longer, wider penis
What to expect:
Panax Ginseng & Deer Antler both work together to increase the sex drive in men along with also providing a better blood flow. Better blood flow allows for an increase in the penis.

Comparison Guide
Overview Rich in Deer Antler, Kanabo Extense stimulates the growth of the Corpora Carvernosa and boosts the body’s natural testosterone level for length and width growth. Alpha Male Plus serves as a libido enhancer that dramatically increases the active amount of testosterone. With more testosterone, males can experience an enhanced sperm count and increased size. Known for strengthening the physique, Jen Shen Lu Yung Wan provides a helpful solution for improving the health of the kidneys. It too contains ample dosages of Deer Antler that improve sex drive and increase blood flow.
  1. Restores penis length and width caused by penile injuries.
  2. Provides help to men born with a small penis.
  3. Reverses penile shrinkage.
  4. Eliminates plaque buildup that may shrink a penis after an injury.
  1. Increases nitric oxide for improved firmness.
  2. Elevates sex drive.
  3. Enhances testosterone level for improving penile width and length.
  1. Increases testosterone.
  2. Improves sex drive.
  3. Elevates the flow of blood for a longer, wider penis.
Reviews "Length and girth are exactly what I got an increase of in my penis. I took this and I have to say that a healthy diet along with Kanabo Extense will do a great amount of enhancement..." Read the full review "As a woman I read about this for my partner and was really excited...for my partner to see what kind of effect it would have. Although we were already having great sex this was a change that was amazing..." Read the full review "After using these pills I noticed that I was feeling a lot better, hornier and my penis was also growing something. It was growing in size!" Read the full review

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1 reviews


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Kapoor Lata posted on Tue, 01/07/2014 - 14:35
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Looking for an increased sex drive I ran across this. I started to read it and noticed that I would not only be able to increase my sex drive but also increase my penis size. After using these pills I noticed that I was feeling a lot better, hornier and my penis was also growing something. It was growing in size!

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