Internal Harmonizing Remedy For Shining Outer Appearance, (Passion Health)

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Brand: Passion Health
Form: Pills
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What is it:
This natural formula pack is a unique natural remedy that addresses the internal causes of acne, instead of covering up the external symptoms.

What it does:
  • Formulated to help clear the acnes & keep pores clean
  • Helps to prevent future breakouts
  • Helps to achieve clear & smooth complexion
  • Nourish for optimal health
What to expect:
It will also help to eliminate skin redness, red spots and flushing, and will calm down skin sensitivity increased by caffeine, alcohol and sun.

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1 reviews


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5566 posted on Sun, 12/02/2012 - 15:52
Average: 5 (1 vote)
As an adult, I'm amazed that I have acne breakouts. So I bought this hoping it would clear my acne. I feel like I haved tried every cream out there and none of them worked effectively. I found it very convenient that I just needed to take 2 pills before my lunch or dinner every day. When I started using this, I noticed a huge difference. My breakouts reduced considerably and it's returning my skin back to it's natural beauty!

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