Healthy Way to Overcome Impotence Caused by Cholesterol Drug - 60 tab + 60 softgel, (Proactive Natural)

Maybe Helpful For: Men's Impotence Herbs & Minerals: Butea Superba CoQ10 Cuscuta Cynomorium Epimedium Maca Omega 3 Pyrola
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Brand: Proactive Natural
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What it Is
This special formula is designed to help with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) problems caused by statin drugs. Statin drugs are drugs on the market targeted to lower the cholesterol. In order to lower the cholesterol statin drugs interfere with the production of testosterone, DHEA and cause deficiencies in CoQ10. CoQ10 and testosterone are viral parts of getting and maintaining an erection. With the help of this formula it will help get the production back into its normal flow.

What it's Formulated to Do?
  • Increases libido levels that help keep a firm erection for longer
  • Produces natural testosterone levels in the body
  • Provides all the proper nutrients to the wellness penis chamber (corpus cavernosum)
  • Balances various sex hormones to work together to achieve an orgasm
How It Works
Every herb in this natural remedy is designed to specifically work on their own job to comes together and raise testosterone and sex drive levels. Together they all help with the quality of an erection. Herbs such as Epimedium will help boost the sex drive while Butea Superba will help produce more natural testosterone. Together they will help gain an erection within the first 4 months on the average of all users. Different users took longer and others were better as soon as a week. Depending on how severe of damage statin drugs did they will effect the recovery.

This Set Contains:
1 bottle of Cuscuta Xtreme & CoQ10. It’s designed for 30 days’ supply.

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3 reviews


noah-horn's picture
noah-horn posted on Thu, 05/09/2013 - 16:48
Average: 5 (1 vote)

I knew going into it that over the counter and prescription drugs that are meant to stabilize cholesterol have many side effects but I never knew it would diagnose me with ED. That was something I was definitely not looking forward to.

I was shocked at the fact that it affected me this way and I was just looking for something to help me out right away. Well it helped me right away but it messed me up in the long run. I should have looked at natural products since the beginning.

Now I have been taking these pills in order to help me maintain cholesterol levels normal and also help me regain my erection back. I have to say that results are almost as quick as the prescription results and I know I don't have to worry about side effects because it is all natural.

Joshua L's picture
Joshua L posted on Mon, 05/20/2013 - 14:48
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Statin drugs are horrible! I have felt many different things that have caused my erection to go down, down, down.  I was hoping this combo would provide the right levels of testosterone in order to provide a bigger erection. Now that I have been taking this combo for a while my erection has grown and I am able to maintain it throughout sex.
vlad2008v's picture
vlad2008v posted on Tue, 05/28/2013 - 16:31
Average: 5 (1 vote)
People really need to start looking at what they put in their bodies. Unfortunately for me I learned that a little too late. Now I have to suffer the consequences from using the wrong drugs to help me control my cholesterol. Because of that I have been suffering from a weak erection and have absolutely no control over it. I luckily found this surfing the web and wanted to give it a try. I wanted my erection back and wanted to kick those cholesterol drugs to the curb. Luckily these 2 bottles have helped my health out so much that I now get erection and have progress in controlling them. I am so proud I was finally able to find something that is going to help.

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