Missing Cycles

I discovered that I could alter my menstrual cycle on accident. After taking birth control pills, I started to notice a reoccurring pattern of missed cycles. Now after reading this study I have skeptical emotions toward missing my cycle.
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A Man Gets His Penis Eaten By A Hyena!

This man was just starting his life. He was only in his early twenties and he had something that I am sure any other 20 something year old man would be devastated if it happened to them. He had his penis eaten by a hyena in hopes of striking it rich.
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The Dangers of Drug or Alcohol Abuse

I am a recovering alcoholic, and I have been sober for 12 years now. After I sobered up, I noticed the immense effect alcohol had on my life: my kids hated me, my wife left me, my job fired me, and I lost my home.
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You've Heard Of Orgasms, But What About Coregasms

Most of us can have orgasms, but a few select ladies can experience coregasms, or orgasms from exercising the core abdominal muscles.
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Pornography Ruining Men

When reading this article it made lots of sense to me from the first sentence I read. Porn is becoming more and more acceptable in todays' world. Men continue to see pornography and relate it back to their relationships. They are different.
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Key Factors in Female Infertility: Weight and Stress

aThere has always been troubles that women suffer to become pregnant. New research has shown that women with high levels of stress have a lower chance of becoming pregnant compared to their worry free companions.
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A New Way To Reduce Breast Cancer Risk: Daily Exercise

All it takes is an hour or more to be able to reduce the risk of getting breast cancer. According to the studies done, being physically active for that amount of time can lower the risk by about 12 percent.
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5 Tips To Increase Sex With Your Wife

I have seen movies and have seen it in real life: young single men having sex with all sorts of different women, and lots of sex.
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Marching Toward a Cure for Herpes

I’ve had herpes for a few years now, and I find that the condition debilitates me.
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Happiness May Reduce Likelyhood of Spreading HIV

Happy gay men were less likely to transmit the disease to their partners.
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