Cholesterol Lowering and Sex Life Boosting Drug

This is great news for older men. There's no need to just take a blue pill to have sex, now they can fight high cholesterol and boost their sex life at the same time. How great is this? Fighting for your health and then also have fun with plenty of sex.
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Hate Condoms?

I hate using condoms. I hate it so much that I’ve required my past lovers to use birth control. Now, I may be the one taking birth control for males.
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We All Have Herpes

I’ve had herpes—and so do you! Okay, it’s not the strain of herpes that incessantly causes irritation. It’s the type of herpes that can easily be treated with little to no harm to a partner.
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Hope for Those With Herpes

I’ve had multiple episode with herpes, and each time I experience the flare-ups, I avoid sex. I feel embarrassed and ashamed for my wretchedness.
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In the Name of Science!

A student at Cornell University had quite an intersting experiment, where would be the most uncomfortable place to get stung by a bee? He volunteered himself to get stung repeatedly by bees in 25 different places and they included his PENIS and TESTICLES! 
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The Festival of Penis and Fertility

A parade takes place on an annually basis on April 6 to celebrate the penis and it's fertility, or Kanamara Matsuri, the "Festival of the Steel Phallus." Beliefs on how this festival got started stem all the way back to the 17th century when it is believed that prostitutes would visit the Kawasaki
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Circumcisions May Prevent Cancer

We hear all kinds of crazy stories about certain foods or health practices protecting against cancer, but now, circumcision may too prevent cancer.
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STDs Linked to Poverty

I grew up poor, and before I fathering two children, I got my family out of the slums we lived in. Still, I never forget my roots and the family still battling the confines of poverty.
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Semen Containing a "Cocktail of Viruses"

I am a voyeuristic male. Ya, I’ve slept around, and yes, I’ve had multiple partners. Now, before you judge me, understand that I am a weak man when it comes to sex and women. I just cannot control my urges.
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Bacteria Decreases After Circumcision

My wife and I remain split on whether to circumcise our son or not. She wants to do the procedure to making cleaning easier; I want to forgo the operation to keep his sensitivity as high as possible.
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