Rise of STDs

I have a daughter, and every boy who wishes to date my daughter is screened by me.
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Bigger Breast, Better Self-Esteem

I’ve had self-esteem issues all my life, and those problems did affect my decision to have breast augmentation surgery. And according to studies, it may be the main reason why my self-esteem went up.
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When Cold Feet Leads to Penis Chopping

A Brazilian doctor has been on the run since 2002, after hiring ex-convicts to burn down her fiancee's house, wreck his car and grusomely slice his penis off with a knife. What caused all this? Ms. Castro was enraged after being broken up with just 3 days before her wedding.
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The Birth Control Effect

My boyfriend and I noticed a trend: When I’m on the pill, he doesn’t use a condom. As soon as I stop using contraceptive pills, he starts using a condom.
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Golden Years and Sex

My wife and I are entering our golden years, and while we plan on spending a lot of time abroad, we do worry about the ebb of our sex life.
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A Decline of Circumcisions Performed in the U.S.

After reading this new interesting study it says that in the U.S. circumcisions of infant babies is becoming less common. The rate of circumcision has dropped 6% since the 1960's and that is accounting how many children are born each year.
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Breast Lifts Outnumber Breast Implants in Women

According to new statistics, 14 years have made a huge difference in women and plastic surgery. Since 2000, breast lifts have taken over breast implants by at least 70%.
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Thinking About Prostate Surgery, Think Again!

I have to go in for surgery to reduce the size of my prostate, but after reading this article, I’m sure I want to go with the more expensive procedure, especially when my alternative may yield the same results
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Condom or No?

I dislike using condoms but my wife enjoys the feel of a ribbed condom pressed against her.
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Penicillin May Have Started The Sexual Revolution

Just for laughs: people thought the sexual revolution started thanks to contraceptives, but that’s not entirely true.
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