Pelvic Exercises Might Be Beneficial for Men with PE

20% of men will suffer with premature ejaculation varying in ages from 18-59.
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Prostate Cancer and Masturbation Link

I am a man, and I tend to exhibit a strong sexual desire. In my state of desire, I masturbate, and I do it often. I’m like a masturbation ninja.
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Masculine Males May Not Have the Upper Hand

I consider myself a masculine male with a somewhat feminine body type. Yes, I neglect working out which gives me flabby muscles and man boobs, but still women dig me.
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High Hormones, Higher Levels of Infidelity

Ladies, we all may want to experience an influx of hormones before menopause—least we lose most and experience a flurry of symptoms.
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Porn and Self-Esteem

I wanted to go into porn, but after some research, I decided not to because from what I read, porn stars had lowered self-esteem issues and were more prone to experiment with drugs.
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New Breakthrough in Science: Lab Grown Vaginas

A new breakthrough of scientists who have had great progress in producing lab grown bladders, windpipes and urethras have recently created a normal functioning vagina that will be surgically inserted into four young girls.
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Inside the Mind of a Pedophile

My kids were almost victims of rape, and the man who attempted it was stopped from scaring my children. When the incident was over, I wanted to understand why pedophiles do what they do.
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Too Tight Condom

A condom too tight can cause discomfort. A condom too big can cause an unwanted pregnancy. And I’ve had a few discomfort issues, but my partner insisted that I push through the pain.
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Both Sexes Guilty of Faking Satisfaction in the Bedroom

A research study in the University of Waterloo proved that not only women fake their satisfaction in the bedroom, but men do so equally. A lack of sexual communication was an important part of why people are possible faking it.
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HIV Trasmitted Through Sperm

Most medical pundits agree that HIV transmit through sexual intercourse or contact with blood, but a new theory is emerging: Sperm may transmit HIV too.
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