9 Things Women Would Rather Do Than Have Sex

Earning money is definitedly NOT one of them...!

Here are things that people rather do than get busy on bed:
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Penis May Matter

I read several articles that state my “size’ does not matter to ladies. Hmm, after reading this article, I may not feel so confident. According to the study, size did factor into a woman’s decision of picking a mate.
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Sickle Cell and Persistent Erections

I have sickle cell anemia, and I’ve noticed bouts when my erection lasted a few hours after sex. Not longer than 4 hours, but at least an three hours, and the persistent erection has frightened me in the past. After reading this article, I may have found my priapism problem—sickle cell. 
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Having A Larger Penis Means She's Cheating On You?

Bigger is not always better. Having a larger penis is a symbold of power and strength to a man but it may not always keep a woman satisfied. This research was rather interesting after reading it. Apparently every inch on a penis will increase the chances of a wife cheating on her husband.
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HIV Continues to Be the Biggest Killer

I tend to engage in quite a bit of unprotected sex. My partners use birth control, but I dislike condoms.
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Famous Rapper Cuts Off His Own Penis

A famous rapper from the Wu-Tang Clan recently attempted suicide by cutting off his penis and throwing himself off a building. He was in critical condition but not dead.
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French Produce Less Sperm

I was born and raised in France, and when I was 15, I came to the United States. After I read this study, I felt a bit worried that my countrymen produced less spring. My girlfriend, a native French woman too, may not be too happy with this outcome.
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Lack of Sex Bad for Your Health

Sex is good for your health; sexual frustration, bad. Tell that to my wife who continues to avoid sex because of the downturn in hormonal product. According to her, she no longer wants to have sex.
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Exercise Recovered My Libido

After reading a few articles, I discovered that anti-depressants can cause low libido, and the ebb forced me to find alternatives to recover my lowered desires.
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Hispanics More Likely to Contract Vulvodynia

As a Hispanic woman, I’ve suffered from vulvodynia before, and after I read this report that my ethnicity is twice as likely to be affected by the pain, I was in shock.
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