How Circumcision in Males can lead to AIDS Free Generation

A new collection of research has shown that Voluntary Male circumcisions have been able to help against HIV prevention by, "Improving Quality, Efficiency, Cost Effectiveness, and Demand for Services during an Accelerated Scale-up." The possibility that the world can live in peace from one of the na
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Shrinking Prostates Can Provide Men with Long Term Prostate Relief

According to a study of over 500 men with pain and other symptoms associated with prostate enlargement, shrinking the penis without the use of surgery provided plenty of long-term relief. Almost 3 quarters of men in the study reported experiencing significant improvements in the period of 3 years.
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The Pros and Cons of Being Circumcised

To some men it might be a look thing and to others it might be more pleasurable. Although getting circumcised is a big debate whether it may be healthy to just stay uncircumcised or getting circumcised, it is almost always up to the parents of the newborn baby to make the decision.
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A Claim That Tampons Can Cause Infertility?

As a celebrity mom, Alicia Silverstone has sparked a contraversial debate about fertility. Being a mother herself she claims that some women go through a stage of life after giving birth that feels like having the blues.
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Sex Themed Restaurant Opens in Taiwan (NSFW)

This restaurant has been found as creepy by some people and educational by others. Some find it funny, whatever way you look at it, here you can find an entire restaurant with a sex reference any way you turn.
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Woman With A Lab Grown Vagina Changed Her Life

Scientists had some groundbreaking news when they made a vagina using cells. After this news they successfully transplanted the vagina into an 18 year old female who was born with MRKH, no vagina and now she is living a normal life.
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Beating the Impossible: A man with a reconstructed penis fathers a child

This man who had a messy circumcision operation back when he was a small boy made medical history as the first ever man to conceive a child with a reconstructed penis.
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Carbs Equal Poor Semen Quality

I eat a lot of carbs. I mean a lot. After speaking with my doctor, he advised me to reduce my intake of breads and fatty chips, and after reading this article, I may want to take his advise.
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Petroleum Jelly May Cause Your Infections

My boyfriend and I use petroleum jelly for anal sex, and to avoid mixing two types of lubricants, we use the jelly for vaginal sex too.
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Drugs May Affect Your Libido

I was treated for breast cancer using aromatase inhibitors. Now in my 50s, I have noticed a higher decrease to my sexual desires—and it’s affecting my marriage. My lack of sex continues to frustrate my partner, and now I’m certain my cancer treatment may have damaged my love life. 
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