Sex After 60 Delivers Healthy Results

Contrary to what Miley Cyrus might believe, sex after 40, 50 and, yes, even 60 can be quite exciting. Sex after 60 is healthy. In fact, there really is no validity to statements that suggest sex after 60 is too strenuous and should be avoided due to the risks, such as heart attack or stroke. Numerous studies have concluded that sex, especially among older adults, reduces health risks.



Richard Vargas's picture
Richard Vargas posted on Mon, 03/24/2014 - 12:05
Right on for the older people. If they are still able to get it up then why not use it as well? If I were that old and could get myself a girl that was good looking I would do so in a heartbeat. We'll see when I reach that age if my body is still willing to perform.
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