Don't be surprise that endometriosis might be the cause of your infertility

When the lining of your uterus thickens and started grown outside of the uterus, inflammation that can lead to infertility problem for many women.
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10 Miserable Conditions of Injured Penis

Everything can wrong if you are not using your common sense to take care the most private and vaulable part of the body. Imagine a life with broken penis or showcase a lifeless penis in front of your girlfriend.
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Where To Kiss To Turn Her On...?

Scientists have done various test and found 3 spots that can turn most women ON. There are the areas of the female for the effect of  light touch, pressure and vibration. For light touch, the neck was most sensitive, for pressure the clitoris and nipple were most sensitive. Now go try them out!
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Putting Fork Into The Penis

Even if you are really bored, don't play your penis like this Australian guy...inserting fork into his penis.
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Infertile Men Are More Likely To Die Young

Infertile men with two or more abnormalities in their semen were more than twice as likely to die much younger than normal men. Dr Michael Eisenberg, assistant professor of urology at Stanford University has recently published his finding. 
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Persistent Erection For This Biker

This Irish mountain biker suffers almost 7 weeks of persistent erection caused by the blood clot. Ouch!
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Truck drivers at risk for aggressive prostate cancer

It's time to fix the road...It's a bad vibration for the truck driver?
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Too much testosterone linked to shorter life

You will die young if you are too horny. That maybe true...find out yourself.
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Woman Experiences Orgasm For 3 Hours

It's too good to be true for some women. But this woman rushed to ER, after having persistent orgasm for 3 hours...
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Are You Faking Orgasm?

Is all right, 58 per cent of women fake the big O at least once during their relationship!
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