Botanical & Other Names: Yang-Mei
Tonic Energy & Flavor:  Sweet and Sour
Meridian Affinity:  Heart
Resembling Red Raspberries, Yumberry is a sweet-sour tasting fruit known for reducing blood pressure and protecting eyesight. Individuals who consume large amounts of Yumberry see a reduction in inflammation. Women who take high dosages in Yumberry too experience benefits to their sexual health.

Myrica Rubra Herbal Blend For Smelly Penis

Something smells fishy! It’s not your breath—or your feet. It’s a fishy stench coming from your penis.
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Herbal Formula For Very Severe Hair Loss

Maybe helpful for: Men's Over Masturbation Causes: DHT HGH depletion Symptoms: thinning hair
Sexual exhaustion from chronic masturbation is not the only cause of hair loss. But if you are often fatigued, losing your hair before 30, and look older than you actually are, it's time to get stop this downhill trend.
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