Yi Mu Cao

Botanical & Other Names: Leonurus Herba, Chinese Motherwort
Tonic Energy & Flavor: acrid, slightly biter
Meridian Affinity: Bladder, Heart and Liver

Yi Mu Cao relieves stress, nervousness and performance anxiety. It’s sedative property alleviates stress on the nervous system, while its anti-adrenergic action relaxes over-stimulated sympathetic nerves caused by hyperactive thyroid, which can cause premature ejaculation. Yi Mu Cao is treasured by many women that have painful menstrual flows. Yi Mu Cao decreases platelet aggregation, lowers fat in blood, and slows racing heart, symptoms beneficial to cardiovascular system.

Botanical Tincture For Female Fertility

There is no need to be troubled if you and your loved one seem to be having difficulty conceiving. Often, it’s just a matter of time – and practice! You may just need to adopt an attitude of patience.
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