Vinpocetine is an herbal extract used for treating a series of illnesses and symptoms, from chronic fatigue syndrome to seizures. Vinpocetine is often prescribed to men and women suffering from mental exhaustion and the loss of cognitive abilities caused by over indulgence of sexual activities or sex addiction. Women who experience fatigue, hot flashes, mood swings and loss in sex drive can begin to see signs of improvement by taking Vinpocetine extracts. Vinpocetine is said to increase the blood flow to the brain, helping regulate symptoms of menopause.

"V" is for VINPOCETINE...and VICTORY in combating mental deterioration

Vinpocetine, an extract from the periwinkle plant that is native to central and southern Europe (and is also found in Portugal, France, the Netherlands, the Baltic States, and Turkey), has been used to improve and maintain healthy blood flow and optimize oxygen use in the brain for years. Read more

Mind Control Solution For Addicted Dirty Mind

This formula is known for its ability to eradicate the dirty mind. Too many men who have watched porn from too early an age became addicted to it and have suffered detrimental effects to their brain chemistry.
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Mental Burnout & Exhaustion Remedy

If you suffer from mood swings, low sex drive and depression, Mental Burnout & Exhaustion Remedy may provide your body with the essential nutrients you need to kick start neurotransmitter production.
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