Turkey Rhubarb

Botanical & Other Names: Rheum Palmatum and East Indian Rhubarb
Meridian Affinity:  Stomach
Turkey Rhubarb acts as a power, natural laxative for helping alleviate constipation and pain associated with clogged bowels. Turkey Rhubarb eliminates irritants that can cause diarrhea. When taking regular amounts of Turkey Rhubarb, studies have shown that individuals have soft stools and healthier colons. Turkey Rhubarb is often added to detox formulas to expel harmful toxins causing various sexual dysfunctions and low sex drive.

Feel Satisfied with Turkey Rhubarb

“I just love that I’m going through menopause” — said no women, ever. Menopause is exasperating. Your body experience a sudden weight gain. Hot flashes seem like an every day occurrence. Even your once voracious sexual appetite is now non-existent.. Menopause manages to lower the production of testosterone in the body. Once testosterone experiences a dearth in production, estrogen cannot be used up, causing weight gain, hot flashes, and even low sex drive.

Thank Your Thyroid
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VRP Formula I – Vaginal Regeneration & Repair

Age, long-term vibrator abuse, hormone imbalance, and toxins damage vaginal tissues, nerve endings, and the uterus endometrium, while an aged vagina and uterus can disrupt endocrine system from functioning properly, an issue that hinders the vagina’s natural regeneration and repair. Taking this formula will help you to gradually rejuvenate your neuro-endocrine function, while stabilizing your serotonin and GABA production.
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Natural Hormonal Realignment & Libido Restoration Formula

Whether we are in our 20s or our 70s, most of us enjoy healthy sex lives. But sometimes we struggle with performance issues or a lack of desire to have passionate sex. A sluggish sex life may have more to do with physiological issues than with age.
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