Triticum Aestivum

Botanical & Other Names: Wheatgrass
Tonic Energy & Flavor:  Bitter and Warm
Meridian Affinity:  Stomach, Heart
Wheatgrass, eaten raw or blended into a drink, remains a staple in smoothie shops and within natural supplement drinks. Rich in chlorophyll and vitamins A, B and C, Wheatgrass makes for a powerful supplement to combat bacteria. Wheatgrass even promotes circulation, which can help men suffering from impotence improve their libidos.
Because Wheatgrass is rich in vitamins and minerals, the supplement improves the re-growth of hair follicles, reduces blood pressure and helps fight weight loss. Other known benefits of Wheatgrass include helping fight fatigue, Hay Fever and symptoms of menopause.

Herbal Tincture For Menopausal Women

During the phase of menopause, mature women experience more bodily and hormonal changes than they ever had before in their lifetime. They develop a variety of new physiological needs, some of which they’re not even aware of.
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