Botanical Names: Wu Wei Zi, Schisandra Chinensis, Schizandra, Schisandra Fructus

Meridian Affinity: Heart, Kidney, Lung


Revered as an excellent invigorating tonic that builds energy in the sexual organs, Schizandra helps men with fast or premature ejaculation. Females who take Schizandara reported increases in circulation and sensitivity in the genitals as well as intense orgasms. Many women also reported it increased warmth and vaginal sensitivity.


It’s considered a restorative tonic for young adult suffering from both mental and sexual exhaustion, making it a powerful tonic for the brain. Tao herbalists treasure Schizandra because it possesses all five elemental energies.


Schizandra is one of the most important astringent herbs used in Chinese medicine because it grant control over ejaculations by tightening the values of the penis. Combined with other astringent herbs, Schizandra can prevent premature ejaculation. 

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