Saw Palmetto


Other Botanical Name: Ju Zong Lu, Serenoa Repens


Saw Palmetto contains a high concentration of beta-sitosterol and phytosterol complexes, making it the number-one ingredient for all prostate care and prostate treatment formulas. According to research, DHT increases prostate growth. Because DHT is about 30 times more potent than testosterone, it contains an increased affinity to the many cellular and androgen receptors.
Buildup of DHT in the prostate can decrease libido as well as performance, while ingredients from Saw Palmetto can bind to DHT receptors on prostate cells to block specific transmitters from signaling. Scientists are currently studying the mechanism of how Saw Palmetto inhibits enzymes that convert testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Before His Prostatitis - He Was Professing To Other Friends About His Multiple Wild Nights Of Sex

I knew a guy named Billy back in college. He was the typical jock. He played football, had an attractive girlfriend, and he had a high sex drive.

Billy was boastful in the locker room, often professing to the males of his wild nights of sex he and his partner had. He confused—on multiple drunken rants—how he had sex with his girlfriend six, seven, even 10 times a day. And Billy even managed to tell the guys, “And you know what? You know what? I masturbate three or four times a night after we would have sex!” 
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The Natural Prostate Pain Reducer: Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto was once listed as an ingredient on the National Formulary’s list of medicine. While Saw Palmetto may have been removed from the list, it remains a popular ingredient in low-libido, prostate and sexual enhancement formulas. Saw Palmetto is known for helping people heal and recuperate from diseases and conditions, especially impotence and infertility.
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Saw Palmetto Relieves Symptoms of BPH

Approximately 90% of the patients stated that they would take the saw palmetto extract again to address BPH symptoms. The study involved 82 patients with moderate BPH symptoms and sexual problems.
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