Botanical & Other Names: Hong hua, Carthamus tinctorius
Tonic Energy & Flavor: acrid, warm
Meridian Affinity: Liver, heart
Safflower (Carthamus Tinctorius) contains essential olecic and linoleic acid. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Safflower is said to invigorate the blood, help with amenorrhea (absence of menstruation), and improve blood circulation for men with erectile dysfunctions.

Better Late…Than Pregnant! - It's Best To Have A Regular Period Naturally

Better late…than pregnant. But being late on a consistent basis can make conceiving difficult. Take Angela, one of my best friends in college. Angela married young, and by 30 she and her husband wanted a child. They tried mornings. They tried evenings. They even tried…tried…and tri…tri…TRIED afternoons. Still, Angela could not conceive.
Her doctors told her the truth—her irregular periods created complications. The sporadic, unpredictable cycle assailed the couple—but mostly Angela. According to one of our late-night conversations, she felt “inferior” to other women. 
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Let Herbal Acne Treatment Polish Up The Window To Your Soul

Many of us have been through the dreaded curse of the red spot. Acne is the one painful part of life that can increase embarrassment and deplete self esteem in one, well choreographed swoop. I know from many awkward years of experience, that many of the Chemical based creams, gels, and toners out there don't really do all the things they promise.

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Acne Herbal Treatment & Outbreak Control

Maybe helpful for: Men's Over Masturbation Causes: testosterone imbalance
Get rid of those nasty acne breakouts!
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Persistent Erection Relief Tincture

If you suffer from a persistent erection, it's time to get relief now.
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