Because of the anti-inflammation properties found in Quercetin, herbalist often prescribe this supplement to treat an inflamed prostate; however, treatment only works when taking Quercetin along with other potent herbs. Scientists have linked Quercetin to treat heart disease and high cholesterol. In addition, Quercetin  lowers blood pressure. Other uses for Quercetin include treatment of ulcers, gout and viral infections.

Before His Prostatitis - He Was Professing To Other Friends About His Multiple Wild Nights Of Sex

I knew a guy named Billy back in college. He was the typical jock. He played football, had an attractive girlfriend, and he had a high sex drive.

Billy was boastful in the locker room, often professing to the males of his wild nights of sex he and his partner had. He confused—on multiple drunken rants—how he had sex with his girlfriend six, seven, even 10 times a day. And Billy even managed to tell the guys, “And you know what? You know what? I masturbate three or four times a night after we would have sex!” 
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Quercetin - The flavanoid herb of countless medicinal benefits

Quercetin is a plant-derived chemical known as a flavanoid. Flavanoids are naturally occurring ‘phytochemicals’ (of which there are more than 10 different subclasses) that perform antioxidant functions and play a role in the prevention of cardiovascular illnesses, the improvement of respiratory functions and the reduction of allergy symptom reactions. Read more
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Herbal Remedies For Premature Ejaculation With Enlarged Prostate

Eliminate your premature ejaculation caused by an enlarged prostate.
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Myrica Rubra Herbal Blend For Smelly Penis

Something smells fishy! It’s not your breath—or your feet. It’s a fishy stench coming from your penis.
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