Pygeum (African Plum Tree Extract or Pygeum Africanum), is famous for significantly increasing the flow of urine, can decrease residual urine volume in the bladder and reduce the risk of urinary tract infections. However, people with kidney problems should not take Pygeum because of its strong diuretic powers. Pygeum minimizes the swelling and inflammation of the prostate gland. Research demonstrates that Pygeum extracts inhibit the proliferation of muscle and fibrous tissue in the prostate contributing to its enlargement (BPH).

Before His Prostatitis - He Was Professing To Other Friends About His Multiple Wild Nights Of Sex

I knew a guy named Billy back in college. He was the typical jock. He played football, had an attractive girlfriend, and he had a high sex drive.

Billy was boastful in the locker room, often professing to the males of his wild nights of sex he and his partner had. He confused—on multiple drunken rants—how he had sex with his girlfriend six, seven, even 10 times a day. And Billy even managed to tell the guys, “And you know what? You know what? I masturbate three or four times a night after we would have sex!” 
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