Pumpkin Seed


Botanical & Other Names: Nangua Zhi, Pepita, Cucurbita Pepo Seed


Native American and African tribes use Pumpkin seed oil to resolve issues associated with an overactive bladder. Research has shown that Pumpkin seed oil, alone or when combined with Phytosterol, can prevent the growth of the prostate due to DHT.


Rich in delta-7-sterols and fatty acids, Pumpkin seed oil is currently being isolated for its fat and water-soluble components that become absorbed into the blood stream benefiting the bladder. In experimental studies conducted on anesthetized rats using Pumpkin seed oil, the rats displayed how water-soluble compounds reduced urine excretion by 54.5 percent.


Both fat and water-soluble compounds inhibit the conversion of testosterone into DHT, while enhancing pelvic floor muscles and increasing nitric oxide production to relax the bladder. Enhanced pelvic floor muscles and increased nitric oxide levels help people suffering from urinary and overactive bladder issues by reducing bathroom trips.

Prostate Health Linked to Pumpkin Seeds

Zinc, iron, protein and magnesium are all collated together into the tiny seeds from pumpkins. Marketed and sold as a snack, Pumpkin Seeds offer more than just an appeasing afternoon pick-me-up. Pumpkin Seeds are linked to helping improve prostate health, quell arthritis pain, and alleviate high cholesterol. This tiny, easy-to-carry snack manages to do so much more than just keep hunger pains away.
Over 50 and Prostate Pain
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Before His Prostatitis - He Was Professing To Other Friends About His Multiple Wild Nights Of Sex

I knew a guy named Billy back in college. He was the typical jock. He played football, had an attractive girlfriend, and he had a high sex drive.

Billy was boastful in the locker room, often professing to the males of his wild nights of sex he and his partner had. He confused—on multiple drunken rants—how he had sex with his girlfriend six, seven, even 10 times a day. And Billy even managed to tell the guys, “And you know what? You know what? I masturbate three or four times a night after we would have sex!” 
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Surprising Benefits of Pumpkin Seed For Menopausal Women

Japanese medical journal has published a study that Pumpkin Seed & Soybean extract can help women control embarrassing overactive bladder problems.
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Recover From Incomplete Bladder Emptying With Pumpkin Seeds

Maybe helpful for: Men's Prostate Enlargement Causes: DHT Symptoms: painful urination
Prostate enlargement (BPH) can compromise the bladder’s ability to effectively empty, causing chronic retention of urine. This contributes to urgency and frequency because the bladder still signals that it needs emptying. Consumption of Pumpkin Seeds extract is beneficial for your prostate & bladder.
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Male Reproductive Tonic Formula

It’s no secret - as men age, their sexual functions gradually decline. Due to the high-level stress environments they seem to have simply become accustomed to, they aren’t always aware that their reproductive health has been negatively compromised.
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