Paeonia Lactiflora

Botanical & Other Names: Bai Shao, White Peony and Paeony
Tonic Energy & Flavor: Sour
Properties:  Antispasmodic, Anti-inflammatory and Anti-Allergy
Native to North Asia, Paeonia Lactiflora is widely regarded for its antispamodic properties that help reduce pain. For women who suffer from severe menstrual cramps, Paeonia Lactiflora can help reduce the pain associated with cramps as well as during bouts of dysmenhorrea.
Women who are experience leukorrhea may see a reduction in vaginal discharge after taking Paeonia Lactiflora. When taken with Dong Quai or Licorice, women are said to have witnessed a reduction of polycystic ovary, an endocrine disorder.
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