Botanical & Other Names: Mai Men Dong, Ophiopogon Japonicus, Ophiopogon Radix
Tonic Energy & Flavor: Cooling, sweet, slightly bitter, slightly cold
Meridian Affinity:  Heart Meridian, Lung Meridian, Stomach Meridian

Ophiopogon continues as a widely used ingredient in herbal formulas because of its ability to alleviate inflammation, particularly in the prostate. The process in which inflammation is reduced is still under investigation, but scientists have discovered that the herb does not inhibited cyclooxygense-2 (COX-2) like other anti-inflammatory drugs. Ophiopogon contains several isolated compounds, i.e., Ophiopogon A through D that may inhibit prostate inflammation.

Ophiopogon increases an individual’s tolerance to oxygen deprivation while exhibiting antibacterial properties. The herb nourishes and moisturizes the lungs to increase stamina during intercourse and foreplay. Several users reported a slightly bitter-cold property in Ophiopogon that reduced irritability, mood swings and bad temper in both men and women. 

Fighting Prostate Inflammation with Ophiopogon

Men can take prescription medication to help fight prostate inflammation, but medicine can have ineffectual side effects that can lead to heart and stomach problems. All-natural alternatives may provide solace without the added side effects from prescription medication. Natural alternatives such as Ophiopogon and Saw Palmetto both can help alleviate inflammation and restore the prostate to its normal size and health. Read more

The Legend of Snakebeard - The benefits of the Ophiopogon herb

From a genus of herbaceous perennial plants that hosts over 65 species, Ophiopogon is native of the temperate to tropical climates of east, southeast, and south Asia. Generally, it grows best in warm climates but is quite adaptable. Read more
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