Botanical & Other Names: Verbascum Thapsus, Bunny’s Ears and Flannelleaf
Property:  Anti-Inflammatory
Found mostly in the U.S., Mullein grows biennial and functions as one of the most notable anti-inflammatory herbs recommended by herbalist. Mullein has been known to treat ear infections, reduce prostate inflammation and eliminate streptococcus. Other uses for Mullein include treating tonsillitis, measles and mumps.

Dr. Christopher's Prostate Enlargement Formula

Maybe helpful for: Men's Prostate Enlargement
Dr. Christopher has put together a prostate care formula that helped men with swelling prostate. Saw Palmetto is known to reduce the production of DHT, which is a major factor behind prostate cell growth. Mullein and Ginkgo served as a good anti-oxidant that help to cleanse and nourish the prostate.
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