Botanical & Other Names: Leonurus Cardiaca, Lion’s Ear, Lion’s Tail
Tonic Energy & Flavor: acrid, slightly biter
Meridian Affinity: Bladder, Heart and Live
Filled with alkaloid stachydrine, Motherwort enduces contractions as well as strengthen the muscles of the urethra. As Motherwort strengthens the muscles of the urethra, the herb also relaxes women during the childbirth process. Aside from helping with the childbirth process, Motherwort reduces the chances of women having a miscarriage.
Hyperthyroidism Benefits
Motherwort is beneficial for hyperthyroidism symptoms: fast heart beat (palpitations), irregular heart beat, nervousness, and anxiety that leads to uncontrollable and premature ejaculation.

Controlling Anxiety-Induced Premature Ejaculation

It’s every man’s dream to become a porn star. The idea of sleeping with beautiful women on a day-to-day basis makes for an alluring job. Few men know the arduous requirement for becoming an adult star: long hours, spent mostly naked and surrounded by other men and women; a desire to have sex with anyone, from grannies to plumpers to popular actresses; a well-endowed package; and high stamina level.
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Natural Solution for Rapid Ejaculation with Thyroid Hormone Disorder

Improve your thyroid hormonal production and regain control of your sex life.
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Natural Female Reproductive Tonic Formula

As women age, their reproductive systems and functions also gradually decline. Hormone secretions are affected due to aging, poor reproductive health, and irregular menstrual cycles, making it harder for women to get pregnant.
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