Botanical & Other Names: Morindae Officinalis, Ba Ji Tien, Polygala Reinii
Tonic Energy and Flavor: Warm, Sweet and Pungent
Meridian Affinity: Kidney & Liver
Morinda is a wintergreen shrub with small quill leaves that is comprised of over 80 species of plant. Only the Morinda root from southern China region can boost sexual stamina in men while strengthening endocrin and reproductive systems. TCM textbooks indicate that Morinda root can improve sexual stamina and help individuals recover from adrenal fatigue. For long-term tonification and sexual dysfunction restoration, Morinda should be taken as part of the formula for greater synergy effects.

Benefits and Claims:
  • Energize sexual organs to improve fertility
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Men use it for erectin and ejaculation disorders
  • Women use it for sexual exhaustion, PMS problems and infertility
Research has shown that female rats administered with 20g/kg Morinda decoction twice a day by gavage for five days showed an increase in weight of the ovaries, uterus and pituitary glands. The plasma level of LH hormones in the rats also improved.

Regain that “Rock Hard” feeling with Morinda

Without blood there can be no life. Without blood flow there can be no reproduction of life. Flowing through every vein in the human body is blood. Each droplet of blood contains thousands of red blood cells that carry oxygen and nutrients to other parts of the body. Men need a healthy supply of blood in order to power their erections. The lack of blood can result in a soft, weak erection.

Blood Is The Fudamental Element
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