Milk Thistle

Botanical & Other Names: Nai Ji, Silybum Marianum
Milk Thistle cleanses and strengthens the liver. Every hormone the body makes has to be metabolized by the liver, and when the liver is overloaded, itthe organ cannot breakdown stress hormones and neurotransmitters. TCM doctors found that individuals who consumed Milk Thistle and had anger issues saw a reduction in outbursts.
Research indicates that Milk Thistle helps the liver during the detoxification process because of special molecules found inside the herb, making liver cells less permeable and preventing toxic substances from escaping the liver. Milk Thistle has strong antioxidant properties that prevent free-radical damage from the toxins, while Milk-Thistle-charged glutathione molecules help reduce free radical damage for long periods.
Men with erectile dysfunction caused by toxic substances from cigarettes, marijuana, crystal meth, alcohol, Ecstasy and Deathcap hallucination mushrooms can benefit from Milk Thistle. Combined with other healing herbs, Milk Thistle can turbo charge the liver and increase enzyme production for rejuvenation.
Do not take prescription drugs and Milk Thistle together. Taking Milk Thistle and prescription drugs can cause the drugs to be cleaned out of your system.  Please make sure to take Milk Thistle and prescription drugs separately, with at least a 30-minute separation period in between.

Milk Thistle: The Detoxifying Exhaustion Recovery Wonder Herb

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