Melia Fructus

Botanical & Other Names: Melia Toosendam Sieb
Tonic Energy & Flavor:  Cold and Bitter
Meridian Affinity:  Liver, Stomach, Bladder and Small Intestine
Because of its bitter flavor, Melia Fructus Toosendam helps alleviate Qi stagnation, eliminates heat and dampness. Individuals with abdominal, testicular or liver pain will benefit from Melia Fructus Toosendam’s anti-inflammatory properties.

Advanced Botantical Tincture For Painful Prostatis

Maybe helpful for: Men's Prostatitis Causes: DHT Symptoms: blood in semen burning prostate
When other remedies fail to achieve the desired results of relief when dealing with painful Prostatis, an advanced formula is required.
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Botanical Tincture For Testicle Recovery - single herbal blend pack, (Proactive Herbs)
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