Botanical & Other Names: Glycyrrhiza glabra, Gan Cao
Tonic Energy & Flavor: sweet
Meridian Affinity: Heart, lung, spleen

A famous adoptogenic herb, Licorice serves as an excellent digestive tonic with a broad spectrum of detoxifying powers. Ongoing research indicates Licorice can expel hundreds of known toxins without any side effects. When combined with other herbs, Licorice improved the quality of an erection for men with Type II diabetes who experienced signs of impotence. Licorice is perpetually integrated into many herbal formulas because the root is said to harmonize all the ingredients.


Recent research discovered that Licorice displayed a hormone-like activity in the body by indirectly prolonging and stabilizing some steroidal and sex hormones, such as aldosterone and progesterone. The root slows down the process of breaking down hormones in the liver, resulting in longer lasting sexual desires and sexual experiences.


Other benefits of Licorice include:

  • Balancing estrogen levels
  • Preventing liver damage from toxic chemicals
  • Stimulating mucus production
  • Relieving duodenal ulcers, gastrointestinal tract and other inflammatory conditions

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