Botanical Names:  Ginkgo Biloba, Yin Xing Ye, Gingkgo Leaf

Ginkgo leaves can restore the libidos of men and women while improving cognative function. During clinical trials, women taking anti-depressants and suffering from low sex drive experienced improved sexual desires and mood.
Scientists describe Ginkgo as having a positive influence on all four phases of the sexual response cycle: desire, excitement (erection and lubrication), orgasm and resolution (afterglow). Improved sex drive and orgasms was thanks to Ginkgo’s ability to increase blood flow to the small blood vessels and oxygen supplies to the organs, i.e., the brain and genital areas.
Because of the enhanced inhibition of platelet-activating factors inside the genital area, Ginkgo triggers prostaglandins and nitric oxide production for increased sexual arousal. In men, sexual stimulation leads to the production of NO, releasing guanylate cyclase. Guanylate cyclase converts guanosine triphosphate to cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) and cGMP, which produces a relaxing sensation in the muscles of the penile arteries for increased blood flow to the penis.
The enhanced blood flow of both penile arteries and veins do not cause any change in the systemic blood pressure. When combined with adoptagenic herbs, Gingko counters the negative effects of antidepressants and residue toxins from birth control pills.


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