Dong Quai

Botanical Names: Dong Quai, Dang Gui, Angelica Sinensis, Chinese Angelica, Tong Kui, Radix Angelicae
Tonic Energy & Flavor: sweet, acrid, bitter, warm
Meridian Affinity: Heart, liver, spleen

Considered the most popular of the Chinese herbs, Westerners refer to Dong Quai by its other name--Ginseng. Dong Quai has been known to help women with irregular menstruation by regulating blood flow, reducing pain and relaxing the uterus. For women suffering from menopause, the herb helps relieve severe symptoms of palpitation and insomnia.

Dong Quai helps the male sexual organ as well by reducing prostate and testicular inflammation thanks to the ferulic, succnic and nicotinic acids as well as vitamin B12 and E.

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