Deer Antler

Botanical Names: Lu Jiao Shuang, Antler Velvet, Deglatined Antler, Velvet Deer Antler
Tonic Energy & Flavor: Salty, warm
Meridian Affinity: Kidney, liver

Deer is classified as a “higher order” animal, and its antlers have been accepted as the premier nutritional supplement for growth factors and hormones. The extract from deer antlers nourish the heart and strengthens the central nervous system. In fact, number of important growth factors have found in deer velvet including Epidermal Growth Factor, IGF-I, IGF-II, Transforming Growth Factos A & B, and Neurotrophin-3. Antlers are safely extracted with no harm coming to the deer.

Deer Antler assits with blood flow while improving circulation. Meanwhile the alcohol extract inside the antlers, known as pantocrin, benefits the cardiovascular system and reduces erectile dysfunction problems. Because Deer Antler rejuvenates aging arteries and repairs damaged nerve ending, the supplement can help fix venous leakages and weak erections.

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Deer Antler—Heals Injuries on the Field and in the Bedroom

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Penis Elongation By Deer Antler Concoction For Men Over 35

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