Botanical & Other Names: Suan Guo Man, Vaccinium oxycoccos

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is one of the most common health concerns for men and women, and it’s been estimated that one in five females will develop a UTI during her lifetime.


UTIs occur when bacteria from the digestive tract clings to the opening of the urethra and travels up into bladder. Here, the bacteria multiplies creating the seed for a UTI. In the past, scientists believed fruit acid in cranberries inhibited bacteria growth in urine, but laboratory tests show that pH levels in urine do not change. Instead, several molecular & biochemistry tests found cranberry contained several natural compounds that prevented bacteria from clinging to the urethra, allowing pathogens to be easily flushed through the urine.


Not only does Cranberry inhibit the growth of urinary-tract bacteria but also hinders the adhesion of H. pylori to human gastric epithelial cells, which offer a solace to ulcer relief as well as decreases the risk for gastric cancer. Scientists are now attempting to determine if Cranberry-based supplements offer a better remedy for eradicating peptic ulcers compared to conventional pharmaceutical therapy approaches.

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