Botanical Names:  She Chuang Zi, Cnidium Monnieri


Widely believed in the Orient cultural as an herb for increasing longevity and sexual stimulation, Cnidium , supplemented with ku shen herbs, serves as an effective trichomonacidal agent that kills vaginal parasites causing trichomoniasis. Cnidium has been known to stop vaginal itchiness and foul smell associated with the greenish-yellow extract secreting from the vagina. The following are found in the herb: archangelicin, columbianetin, cnidiadin, O-acetylcolumbianetin.

Application and Remedies of Cnidium include:

  • Washings the genital of eczema or scabies using the herb
  • Relieving itchy skin and weeping lesions on the scrotum or groin
  • Increasing female fertility due to cold womb
  • Increasing sperm count
  • Increasing sexual drive among men to help improve erectile quality

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