Butea Superba

Botanical & Other Names: Bueta Gum Tree, Kwao Krua Dang
Tonic Energy & Flavor: 
Meridian Affinity: 
Grown mostly in Thailand, India, China and Vietnam, Butea Superba is an herb that functions as a sexual enhancer for men. Most men over 40 tend to experience some lack of sexual desire or loss in firmness. Butea Superba is known to enhance sexual desire and help men with Erectile dysfunction.
Other uses for Butea Superba include helping with urinary problems, i.e., pass urine more easily, reducing fever and helping tame diarrhea. Since Butea Superba has no known side effects, individuals can safely take this supplement without harming their body.  

Cholesterol Erections

Jake loved double cheeseburgers. He ate at least three a week. Allured by the decadent cheese and meat combo, he easily devoured two in one sitting. Jake was no couch potato either; he kept a slim, muscular figure. But Jake’s family had a history of high cholesterol, and by the time Jake turned 30, he too was diagnosed with the condition.

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Orgasm Disorder Herbal Remedy For Men

This formula focuses on helping men who suffer from an inability to reach orgasm by delivering energy, blood flow, and nutrients to the lower abdomen and groin area. Development of this formula has benefited from ongoing research at AmeriCare clinic, where modern Thermo-imaging technology is used to track metabolic activities before and after treatment with the formula, as well as the ultimate degrees of overall improvement.
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Botanical Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile drugs offer a convenient fix for weak erections. For many men who are tired and suffered from the harmful side effects of erectile drugs, it's time to fix the cause of erectile dysfunction with a natural approach.
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