Botanical & Other Names: Bupleurum Chinense, Chai Hu, Thorowas, Saiko
Affinity Meridian: Gallbaldder, Liver, Pericardium

Bupleurum is known for its ability to reduce and replenish liver exhaustion and digestive disturbances. Bupleurum serves as part of an herbal formula that was designed to clear stagnation in the body, reliving spasms, lumps, and irregular menstrual bleeding.
Chinese herbalists often recommend Bupleurum to help treat a weakened liver, and together with Milk Thistle, can improve the functioning of the organ. Men who suffer from fatigue or premature ejaculation problems caused by over masturbation can benefit from Bupleurum. By improving liver function, the body can see a restoration of natural hormones and nutrients essential to preventing an ejaculation and eliminating fatigue.

Bulpeurum - Take Liver Detoxification To the Next Level

Grown in the tepid climates of East Asia, Bulpeurum, known as the “harmony” herb, continues to win plaudits for its detoxifying properties of the liver. The ancient Chinese scholars made references to Bulpeurum as a powerful herb that provided mental quietude for individuals. Today, Bulpeurum is known as an adaptogenic herb, meaning it can increase the body’s resistance to stress, trauma, and toxic buildups, thereby correcting abnormal prostate function and exhaustion.

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Bupleurum - The Ancient Medicinal Herb of Asia

Bupleurum is a medicinal root native to parts of East Asia, where it is known as Chai Hu. The leaves of the plant are long and thin and resemble fennel. Read more

Mental Burnout & Exhaustion Remedy

If you suffer from mood swings, low sex drive and depression, Mental Burnout & Exhaustion Remedy may provide your body with the essential nutrients you need to kick start neurotransmitter production.
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Always Tired? Time To Get Energy Drink For Your Mitochondria

Young people that abusively masturbated before puberty often resulted in an unexplainable chronic fatigue and soreness that would plaque them later in life, which collectively known as mitochondria fatigue or exhaustion.
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