Buckthorn Bark

Botanical & Other Names: Indian Cherry, Carolina Buckthorn and Rhamnus Carolinianus
Tonic Energy & Flavor: 
Meridian Affinity:  Stomach
Native to the South Eastern part of the United States, Buckthorn Bark is considered nature’s natural laxative. Aside from its benefits to the stomach, Buckthorn Bark also helps reduce anal fissures and hemorrhoids. By softening the stool, Buckthorn Bark reduces anal fissures by reliving pressure when using the bathroom. Buckthron Bark too helps eliminate caffinee toxins that lead to premature ejacualtion issues.

Overloaded with Caffeine? Do The Buckthorn Bark Cleanse

For men who suffer from premature ejaculation, Buckthorn Bark may prove to be a godsend because it can help eliminate toxins by improving blood flow. Read more

Stop Premature Ejaculation By Expelling Excessive Caffeine

Maybe helpful for: Men's Premature Ejaculation Symptoms: headache sleep disorder
Eliminate the toxic byproducts of caffeine that may be causing your premature ejaculation.
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