Black Currant

Botanical & Other Names: Quinsy Berrie
Tonic Energy & Flavor:  Bitter
Meridian Affinity: 
Black Currant plants contain berries, which serve as great sources for vitamin C, potassium, phosphourus, iron, vitamin B5, and especially phytochemicals beneficial to the eyes. Thanks to the berries from the plant, Black Currant has been used to treat inflammation and to assist with repairing vision problems, such as eye floaters and blurry vision.

The Black Currant - The Herb that promotes Vision

The Black Currant typically grows wild in the damp woods of Central and Northern Europe as well as Northern Asia. It is easily distinguished throughout the seasons by its powerfully sweet aroma. Read more

Herbal Treatment For Eye Floaters & Blurred Vision

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Eliminate those bothersome eye floaters blurring your vision!
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