Bee Pollen

Botanical & Other Names: None
Tonic Energy & Flavor:  Bitter
Meridian Affinity: 
Revered for helping improve memory, performance and energy, Bee Pollen continues to help men and women. While scientific research continues to be conducted on Bee Pollen, herbalists recommend the supplement to help reduce diaper rash, eczema, control asthma, reduce allergies  minimize stomach problems, improve sexual arousal in men and women as well as boost sexual performance.
Many herbalists also recommend Bee Pollen for athletes looking to improve their performance. Boost in athletic performance can be attributed to the bevy the carbohydrates, proteins and lipids found within the Bee Pollen supplements. Individuals with pollen allergies should not take Bee Pollen, as the supplement will cause irritation, swelling and shortness of breath.
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