Astragalus Membranaceus

Botanical & Other Names: Huang Qi, Chinese Astragalus
Flavor:  Sweet, Slightly Warm
Meridian Affinity: Lung Meridian, Spleen Meridian

Chinese medical formulas utilize astragalus as its primary herbal constituent helping improve lung health; cure spontaneous and profuse sweating; fix a damaged metabolism; cure edema and the prolapse of internal organs due to a weak immune system.

Benefits & Claims:
Traditionally, the Chinese mix astragalus into stew or rice as a decoction root that can be taken in large doeses of 30 grams or more. Before consumption, users are advised to remove the root and simmer for a half-hour to an hour at the minimum.

Clinical research validates that individuals who take astragalus have an increased production of white blood cell. While many individuals undergoing chemotherapy recover faster from daily use of astragalus. and live longer. Most immune-system-boosting herbs, such as astragalus, do not attack cancer cells; instead, they enhance and strengthen the body’s immune system from growing abnormal, cancerous cells. Individuals who suffer from adrenal fatigue, such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, also benefit from the medicinal remedies found in the herb. Astragalus, when added to herbal formulas, increases the body’s immunity and recovery from mental and sexual exhaustion.

The herb also contains a polysaccharide  known as Astragalan B. Astragalan B  is effective at stimulating the immune system, modulating the endocrine system and binding to the outer membranes of viruses to destabilize their defenses. Astragalus also can slow telomere shortening, which prevents the deterioration of chromosomes associated with poor health and aging.

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