Botanical & Other Names: Black Cardamon
Tonic Energy & Flavor:
Meridian Affinity:

Part of the Ginger family, Alpinia typically is mixed together with other herbal formulas to fight bacteria that may cause prostate enlargement, urinary incontinence and seminal leakage. When mixed together Dong Quai, Cimicifuga, and water-soluble Pumpkin Seed extracts, Alpinia's bacteria-fighting properties can help the prostate and pelvic floor muscles to ward off urinary and seminal issues.

Seminal & Bladder Control Secret Formulation for Him

Maybe helpful for: Men's Leaky Penis Symptoms: seminal leakage urinary incontinence
Stop suffering from seminal leakage, and start on the road to recovery.
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Stop Leaky Penis & Urinary Incontinence - 60 tabs + 60 vcaps, (Naturalife)
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